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Most firms start with a product concept and then grow a team. We make amazing products together, starting with a team of people with strong talents, beliefs and values.

EarlyPing monitors website and server availability. In its most simple form, the service allows users to input a list of web site URLs or other Internet-based services, and then tests to verify whether the site or service is responding correctly. If a website or other service fails to reply properly, the service will immediately notify someone by email, SMS, voice, Pushover, webhooks, and so on. The results are saved in our databases so that they may be accessed for reporting purposes.
Qonmatic is a privacy-first analytic platform that helps gather qualitative data by providing feedback via tools like heatmaps and session recordings. Qonmatic is a simple online analytics tool that respects your website visitors' privacy. A single page will have all the data you need to analyse your website's visitors. Qonmatic only collects actionable data. You don't need numerous reports when you run a business. 
Coming Q4 2022

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